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Roy Wert

VoiceByRoy, and this is my voice. There is no music, and there are no sound effects. Only the pure, clear sound, recorded for your ears.

I am VoiceByRoy a voice artist, voice actor, voice talent and I can convey my message in many ways, tones and emotions.

VoiceByRoy can speak in a very light whisper, to share an intimate message with you. Or my voice can boom deeply, demanding respect from those who are listening.

VoiceByRoy can express sympathy to someone who has just experienced a great loss, or it can reflect the happiness one feels after having accomplished something great.

I sit before this tube constructed of metals, of plastics, of wires and of silicon, which listens patiently to me, as if it were alive, like a mistress, hour after hour, day after day, and night after night. It never judges me; it’s a reflection of me and this is my voice.